Winters in North Dakota are known for being unforgiving, and it is essential to your car, truck, or SUV's overall health to get it winterized. The service department is ready to winterize any brand of vehicle Devil's Lake or Bottineau drivers bring to our department. Our service team is staffed with certified technicians who know their way around a car and can get you in and out for service in no time.

Get Your Car, Truck, or SUV, Winterized in Rugby, ND, at MJ McGuire Ford

What does winterizing your car mean, and when do you know it's time to winterize your vehicle? When you schedule your car for winterization, you ensure that your car runs safely and properly through the Winter season. We check your vehicle's overall health and the things that make it run better in colder weather. Here are some of the things the service team at MJ McGuire touch on when winterizing your vehicle:

  • Antifreeze Levels- Ensuring you have adequate levels of antifreeze is something your engine relies on and keeps water in your radiator from freezing.
  • Tire Pressure- Adequate tire pressure is crucial for Belcourt, ND, to maneuver through sleet and snow this winter.
  • Oil Quality- Your oil can run thinner in colder months, so we make sure you have the correct oil in your Ford truck or SUV.
  • Windshield Care- Making sure you have effective wiper blades to make it around town during snowfall is no joke. Also, ensuring you have proper wiper fluid that won't freeze is essential.
  • Battery Power- Cold weather affects battery life. Checking that your battery is running properly keeps you from having to come in for a more serious service over the winter months.
  • And More!

Getting your car winterized at the beginning of Fall before inclement weather begins is important. As soon as Winter weather begins, your car can begin to feel the effects. Schedule your winterization online from your phone or computer today.

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